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The answer to this question is very simple. We have gained the trust of many important and valuable clients, because of the quality and amazing user experience skills that we deliver that are reflected clearly in our work.





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ATEC is a professional web design and development company in Egypt that serving all countries in the middle east. We can handle many complex issues: we design  and develop websites , handle graphic designs, and web-based systems, create digital marketing campaigns and more.

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               Our History

ATEC group was initiated by Dr. Ahmed Mahmood since 1981. It was started by Automotive Technology & Engineering Center as an engineering technical center for automotive repairs. After 20 years of experience, Dr. Ahmed Mahmood started his 2nd ATEC identity Arabian Technology & Engineering Consultants as a consulting office serve the automotive industry by transferring and translating the top notch automotive technology to the Arab and Middle East technicians and engineers through professional training courses. ATEC consultings have coverd later much more subjects (please refer to its profile).

Advanced Technology & Environment Company ATEC (the company) was established on summer 2003 based on vast experience in the automotive field by the group founder. The technical experience of Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud (PhD, MSc, BSc Mechanical Engineering) has pushed ATEC to the top position over the market on hi-tech services, automotive garage equipment supply and emission control products.  ATEC is the main supplier to many of government and OEM workshops within Egypt. ATEC has also supplied to other countries including Ethiopia, Sudan, Morocco, Libya, KSA, Iraq, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Our suppliers are those of trusted famous brands from UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Taiwan, Korea and China. We cooperate only with OEM manufacturers and 1st hand trading.